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iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

Posted on Feb 3, 2014 by Elvira Sharma
“I connected my iPhone 4S to update to iOS 7. The update was very slow and then iTunes gave me an error, and the iPhone went into recovery mode. I tried to restore my iPhone lost data but no use. Anyone can help?”
“My iphone 4 stuck in recovery mode. When iOS 7 come in official, I upgrade my phone to iOS 7, and then 5 days ago my iPhone was stuck in recovery mode and I have no way to get it out.”

Situations are that iOS 7 brings wonderful experience to iPhone users but as well as some problems at the same time. Being stuck in recovery mode is the common issue we received recently. Don’t worry. Here you come to the right place. We now provide you three effective ways to help getting your iPhone out of recovery mode after iOS 7 upgrade: Directly scan from iPhone for lost data, to recover from iTunes backup file and to recover from iCloud backup file.

iPhone Data Recovery is an almighty program that can not only recover any iPhone lost data that you like but also help you get our of the recovery mode of your iPhone when it stuck in recovery mode. The passage will then be separated into two parts to show you two different solutions to teach you on how to get your iPhone out of recovery mode.
You can download iPhone Data Recovery on your computer first and read the guide below:

Solution 1: Factory Reset your iPhone to Get out of Recovery Mode

This way is simple as well as useful. Just doing a factory reset to your stuck iPhone will bring your device back to life. But you’ll risk losing all your iPhone data in this way. So, make sure you have had an iTunes backup or iCloud backup before.
To avoid your iTunes backup to be updated, we suggest you use another computer to make the factory reset. Then, connect your iPhone to the PC and launch iTunes. Click “Restore” button now. After restoring, all data will be erased and your iPhone will be “new” as the time it was bought. Turn to your own computer and connect your “new” phone to iTunes. Choose to restore from the iTunes backup so all data will be back on the device. Well done.
Note: If you are not sure the iTunes backup content, we recommend iPhone Data Recovery to help you preview and check the detailed information of iTunes backup data. Download and install the trial version on your computer and follow us now.

Step 1: Select iTunes Backup File and Start Scanning
Open the program and tap “Recover from iTunes Backup File” in the home window. You will see all the iTunes backup files you have on the computer displayed in list. Select the recent one and click on “Start Scan”. The program will extract your iTunes data then.
The Windows version:
iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode
The Mac version:
iPhone Trapped in Recovery Mode
Step 2: Preview and Check your iTunes Backup Data
Wait for some time to get the scan results. You will get the content categories on the left. Unfold each icon and preview the details of your iPhone data. Thus, you can check whether or not you have all the wanted data backed up.
The Windows version:
iPhone Got into Recovery Mode
The Mac version:
iPhone 5s Stuck in Recovery Mode
Note: You can also see the data deleted from your iPhone before. They are all in orange in the results. That’s to say, you can only restore the existing data (in black) to your iPhone.

Solution 2: Use iPhone Data Recovery to Exit Recovery Mode

If the way above doesn’t work for you, here you can use a third-party program to exit recovery mode. iPhone Data Recovery is available to help your iPhone get out of recovery mode just with one click. Download the trial version below and let’s start.

Step 1: Install and Run the Recovery Program
After downloading, install the program on your computer and run it. Connect your device to the computer and you will get the following homepage.
For the Windows version:
Get iPhone 5s out of Recovery Mode
For the Mac version:
iphone stuck in recovery mode
Step 2: “Restart” or “Set up” your iPhone to Exit Recovery Mode
Now, click on “Restart” or “Set up” button in the program, so your device will be restarted immediately. After that, everything returns to normal and you get your phone back now.

Get it? Hope the two ways solves your problem successfully. Besides, remember not to update your jailbroken iPhone to iOS 7, which will make your device into endless recovery mode.

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